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At BG Cabinet Refinishing, our priorities are customer service and providing exceptional quality.  We spray everything, no brushes or rollers; it adds time and considerable effort, but it is worth it in the end.  Your project will be performed by the owners who personally care about job quality and the customer experience.  


We have been in business for almost 10 years and have performed over 150 kitchen cabinet jobs.  We only offer solid colors, the demand for stained cabinets subsided years ago for us.  Our process has been continually developed over the years to the point ours is exclusively unique to our business.  We will happily compare our work to any other company's work in quality and price.  Apples to apples, nobody will beat our prices, customer service, or durability.  Yes, you can get your project completed cheaper most likely, but the quality will not be the same.  True professionals do not use brushes and rollers.  Our reviews and customer experiences are exceptional.


Service area: we service central Kentucky and central Tennessee.  We are licensed, insured, and bonded.  As always, we offer free estimates. Email or text pictures of your project with a brief description of your project and your location, and we can get you a quick quote anytime.  Note: texting is preferred, as we are often in the field working and sometimes in areas with limited phone reception. 


We offer two services: Refinishing and Refacing.  Click on the link to each page to learn more.

Multi-family Property Owners and Property Managers:

-We can provide a very unique refacing service where there is little downtime between renters.  With proper notice, it is possible to get a unit's kitchen and/or bath cabinets looking like new with as little as one day of down time.  See the "Refacing" link for more details.    

Refacing (new doors)
Color Change (complete color alteration - solid colors)
Our Process

BG Cabinet Refinishing

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