Our Process

The Renewal Service

The renewal service usually take just one to two days.  The cabinets will be cleaned thoroughly, damaged/discolored areas will be blended, and clear coats will be applied for years of protection.  Items can be left in the cabinets, no need to empty them.

The Color Change Service

The color change service will start with your technicians removing your cabinet doors and drawer fronts.  The doors will be professionally prepped and sprayed in our shop.  Every job is different, but it is generally 4 to 7 days to complete the doors and approximately 3 to 4 days in the home.

Onsite Day 1: After the doors are completed our technicians will professionally clean and tape your kitchen to ensure there is minimal overspray in your kitchen area.  Countertops and floors will be protected during the process.  Generally, there will be only one night where the customer will have very limited use of their kitchen.   

Onsite Day 2: On day two, three color coats are sprayed.  After proper dry times, three acrylic polyurethane clear coats are applied for years of protection.  Generally, at the end of the day, the masking is taken down.

Onsite Day 3: Generally, day three consists of touch-ups, rehanging doors, and installing new hardware (if needed). 

*Please note that every kitchen is different and will require different amounts of time to complete.  Timeframes can be more or less depending upon a variety of factors..

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