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The refacing process takes outdated or damaged cabinets and gives them a fresh look for a fraction of the price of replacing all of the cabinets.  We offer solid wood doors and do not use veneer on the cabinet frames.  In our experience, veneer chips and the adhesive comes unstuck.  We spray the cabinet frames the exact color as the new doors.  We offer new hardware and hinges.  We will fully customize your kitchen just the way you want it. 

Our prices for refacing are approximately 60% of what the big-box stores will charge. 

Commercial Customers: Multifamily owners and Condo Management Companies

Do you have properties that need kitchen and bath cabinet updating?  We are excited to offer our cabinet refinishing and refacing services to commercial property owners and management companies!

We are so confident you will love our services, we are offering 50% off the first unit refacing project!  Limit 1 per apartment/condo complex, minimum of 16 units per complex..  

Our advantage:

-Get your unit(s) updated with very little down time between renters.  With proper notice, we can reface a kitchen (provide new solid maple wood doors and refinish the existing cabinet boxes) in as little as one day!  We take care of the entire cabinet project disposing of old doors and drawer fronts and installing new doors with soft-close hidden hinges and we will even install new hardware.  

-Update your unit(s) with very little downtime

-Immediately increase rents for the upgraded unit(s)

-Stay competitive with newer multi-family complexes

-We offer 3/4 inch solid maple doors that hold up exceptionally to wear and tear.  Several different door styles available, we customize to your specifications

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